by Christos Polydorou

you? To see
what was

there, where
you cannot see,
on a day,
like this.

The nights
are walls,
we can pass

I find the light.
It used to scare me.
Still does.
But I let the fear.

Wash over me.
Because this.
Could be taken away.
All of it.

And I don’t want it gone.
And to want what I want.
My want has arrived,
has entered me,

so to speak,
from elsewhere.
Pearl is poem,
pearl is not boy,
or girl,
shells for Mother.

Pearl is toy.
Pearl is truth.
Pearl is wave.
And the blue
within the blue
within the blue.

Reach in the deepest part,
and I end up on the surface.

Catch you?
The bird-catcher,
the bird.

Release me
and fly with me now.

Not love
a captor and his prey.

I don’t want to be prey.
I don’t want to be a predator, either.

I want to be on your wings.
As if I am riding your coat-tails.