Sto crescendo narcisi per voi questa primavera

by Christos Polydorou

I am growing narcissi for you
this spring. Men like narcissi.
It reminds them of Narcissus.

And there is not a single man
out there, without a Narcissus
in them. The daffodils are blooming

fabulously even though there
is very little light, the daffodils
take what little there is, and blossom

like they are Dutch. Narcissi
like men, luring them to
their deaths. Would one

have a heart of stone so
impenetrable, to blame
narcissi, however? Narcissus

leaned over to look
at the Narcissi, but caught
glimpse of his reflection

in the river. I am gay,
thought Narcissi, leaning over
to kiss his reflection. The very

forest exhaled, as he fell
in the water, and the currents
carried him away. I keep

an eye on the narcissi until
you return from Naples.
When you come back

I will give them all to you
in bed, as I ask you tenderly
to drown in me, instead.