All over again but this time: run-on sentence

by Christos Polydorou

You are so beautiful you are so wonderful you are the most beautiful thing or person I have ever seen you mean everything to me you replace the gaps between the stars and you make the horizons come closer stay with me love me adore me hold me hug me protect me from the nights and the predators whisper to me tell me what I am doing here what it all meant before I met you and what it all needs now that I am with you please stay please don’t go away I am unafraid as to what can happen to me from now on you said all those things to me but you left anyway and I am left wanting everything and needing nothing starving but all the plates are broken thirsty and all you can do is stand in the rain all I can do is stand in the rain until I realise I could catch a cold and I need to go inside and prepare myself a warm beverage.