Marilyn Monroe knows, but does not full understand why

by Christos Polydorou

2017-03-12 16.34.04
Salted caramel apple
boys. Sweet, sticky
boys. All over her bib.
Ruinous, seductive
boys, their hypnotic
voices, no choices,
remaining, but to resurrect
pleasure, from its
tombstone, in the
body, it is
to the body. No,
not vulgar, not
humiliating, not
something you will
regret: sex, in love,
making love, recreating
the universe, distilling
it into a bed, every blonde
hair of mine meets every yellow
desire of his, my pining,
not something to be
ashamed of, but to
celebrate, in private.
In cycles, recurring:
golden syrup and maple
boys. Long haired, brooding,
soulful eyed boys.
All over her bib.
2017-03-12 16.33.54