Walls And What To Do With Them

by Christos Polydorou

On our journeys we come up against walls. They are at the end of impasses. We wander to the ends of impasses because it is in our nature and in our power to destroy walls. These walls awaken our powers of reasoning, and therefore our powers of self. Do we need to destroy that wall? What if that wall was not there for us to destroy it? What if that fucking wall, has a purpose? Who am I to come crashing at it with my army of a thousand Northern Caucasian men and their jackhammers? No, I will not destroy a wall today. Instead, I will revert to the animal in me, the funny little monkey that everyone wants on their left shoulder, and crawl up the wall, stand on the top, and leap off into the patch of land where the grass is tall and robins burst out, flying asunder. I might even sing a good ole monkey song, all humane and expansive, as I do this.