Right place

by Christos Polydorou

2017-03-21 16.07.39
You see,
my love,
for once,
I was right.

When I decided
to get a grip
on Love
I decided

to bring
for the first time
my brain
to this endeavour.

My brain!
It hadn’t even
occurred to me.

You see,
My love,
of the sea,
I wish to win.

I require to win,
in love,
at least be,
temporary victorious.

I would be
so grateful.
Anyway I
was telling you how

i had been approaching
Love all wrong, going to
the Americans and the
English to illuminate me

about love, because they
had illuminated me
with such accuracy
on literature
2017-03-21 16.07.02
and the fine arts,
but I learned my lesson.
And no, this is not
an oblique phrasal verb

construction on race.
I should have been going
to the inventors
of Love. The

Greeks, and of course
The Italians. I am learning
so much about Love
this year, my love.

About patience, and
passivity, and how all
these things are
inextricably links.

The truth
in paradox.
The power
in yielding power.

Thank you
for showing me.
I will henceforth
go with the flow

and not against the flow.
In this way, my soul will remain kindled.
In this way,
I will be free.
2017-03-21 16.07.17