by Christos Polydorou

How does it feel to live in a city which has two days ago been attacked by terrorists?


In 2001 I was living in Chicago.


I was raised on a war zone. Cyprus is essentially a war zone.


I do not take any of this personally. Use it as an excuse to eat a whole tub of Ben and Jerrys.


It makes me recognise the world as something that a lot of people are working to keep safe.


Because in some sense the world is a peach we are all passing on to the next person to take a big juicy sloppy bite out of.


But in another sense the world is an infant we must protect in that we are perfectly equipped to destroy it.


I am having that dream again. It is a nightmare, actually. In it, a 52-year-old British-born drives a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing three and injuring at least fifty. He then abandons the car and runs to one of the gates to the Palace grounds. He then fatally stabs an unarmed police officer and enters the Palace grounds, where he is shot dead by other officers.


In this moment I wake up.