by Christos Polydorou

Claude Monet searched for
Giverny for years before he found it.

The odd thing was that he knew

what to expect when he first saw it,
even though he had never seen it before.

He lived there for most of his life,
and died.

Giverny provided him with his subject
matter, which he famously admitted was

of secondary importance, presumably to
the mystery of art he felt compelled to convey.

2017-03-31 14.29.04

Claude Monet wanted to show the life between

and his subject matter. He wished
to make the invisible visible.

So Claude Monet painted,
each brushstroke more colourful, vivid, and visible, than

the last. Today I sat looking at pictures
of paintings

by Claude Monet
and I started to cry,

because I really have not seen

so beautiful.
2017-03-31 14.34.23