Love at first sight

by Christos Polydorou

2011-01-01 00.04.27
are distinct

from other dogs
in the way they hunt

because they are led
not by smell

but by sight. Long


resemble deer. Deer,

star the Paleolithic
paintings of Lascaux,

meanwhile Salukis
star the paintings of Xuande,

Emperor of China.
His face

on my screen,
all the way from Turkey.

Skype me,
he had messaged me,

on What’s App.
My heart

to race,

and so I began
to chase it,

with the fear
I would lose my heart,

I chased it,
across Kuwait and Lebanon,

Iran and Iraq,

to the origin of the conflict,

where he,
a Turk,

and I,
a Greek-Cypriot,

end up,
on the same historical

and perhaps
even amorous page,

a laptop
in South London.

Make love,
not war.
2011-01-01 00.03.11