My kingdom for more

by Christos Polydorou

2011-01-01 00.27.37
When I was living in Cyprus I spent most of my thirties not being in love with absolutely anyone. Now the tables have finally turned. Since I have moved to London I have been in love with someone almost the whole three years. That girl who read my palm in Cyprus said, Christos, you will have so many loves, but this took place in the years of deprivation and not being in love, so I did not believe her. But she was right. Now, I am running after my heart, trying to keep up with its endless racing, like a Saluki chasing a gazelle through the deserts of the Fertile Crescent. I only bitch when I do, because I am grateful. All this love has actually transformed me, and made me a potentially happier person, if anyone. I know it could all be taken away from me tomorrow. I like that expression, although a cliché, Let’s cross that bridge when we get there. All, from a single old, uncomfortable chair.
NB Salukis are characterised by their symmetry, and their grace.