by Christos Polydorou

2017-04-06 13.09.50 (1)

How you grow?
You accept. You compromise.

You change.
Yes, it is so simple, it is a little

strange. Little things,
at first. They
are the worst. So big,
in fact,

they lack any
tact, when being
undone, from the
gun, of an ego,

who likes things done
in the way they only think

can be done. What we don’t like,
doesn’t define who we are,
but phases we are going
through, tastes shift, others become

acquired, there was a
glaring moment when being
gothic didn’t work
for many anymore, for example.

Other things to sample,
so to speak, were
the wars we waged,
to replace

the real wars
we couldn’t wage. Which
is why wars
are such a waste

because they always replace
the real war
we couldn’t wage. Subsequently, the real world
couldn’t be controlled, so we controlled

the things we watched on TV! We remained
in media cages until spring sprung lucently

illuminating everyone and everything
from without and within

giving its old bones
new life. No more

roles anymore in new life. No more
Sad clown or Other woman. No more Beta male

or Token race. The way to grow is to change,
and trust the change in the world,

and everything the world is trying to say:
That as long as Patrick Swayze is lifting Jennifer Grey
over his head in Dirty Dancing, we’re all going to be ok.