Dream #2: Stage City

by Christos Polydorou

All skies, mountain-rivers, straits, highways, roads, and alleyways lead to Stage City, the city where one is only allowed in if they understand that to be natural in the real world you must be theatrical in real life consistently. In Stage City, the whole world is a stage, and you and I are the players. But you have to understand, it is incredibly competitive! You could just as easily end up a member of the audience, and no matter how much you tweet, or who happens to retweet you, it will not make a difference. When our show is over the ceilings lower and all the lights go out and disco mirror-balls and strobe neon lights shine upon us and the silence trips into a beat at velocities for our bodies and our feet to lose all those terrible things we knew, anxiety, despair, death, all illegal, in Stage City. I once almost got a ticket because I sighed, with worry. No worry here, said the police officer who excused me for being new to this place.