Honestly by Annie Lennox, from her solo album, Bare (2003)

by Christos Polydorou

Ι’ve been singing this all day.
It has been in my head since the morning when I got out of bed.
I sang it to myself in the mirror as I brushed my teeth.
I sang it to the blackbird which is on exactly the same house’s antenna since March.
I sang it at the bus stop. I sang it to the guy who sells Caribbean street food.
I sang it to the bus driver.
I sang it to London Bridge.
I sang it to Old Street.

I sang it to my barber.
I sang it to the doors. The windows. The buildings. The spires.
I sang it in the supermarket as I chose a type of sugar (demerara).
I sang it on my walk home.
I sat in my bedroom, found the song on Spotify, and sang it, from beginning to end, to the three foxes in the garden three stories down. They looked at me. They aren’t used to me singing to them.
I posted the link online. I am listening to it. I am singing to it.
I will sing it as I prepare my dinner.
I will sing it as I go to bed.
I will dream it, and tomorrow it will happen all over again, because Annie Lennox.