by Christos Polydorou

I became a writer or rather I write and my peers and the future and the canon will determine whether or not I have been writing anything significant or relevant and only they can decide whether or not I have been creating works of art my fate is in their hands so is my legacy and if any money is to be generated please know that I, Christos, never saw any of it, any money generated by art, if ever art it was, ever


I because I begin I became a writer because from a very little tiny small miniscule what other words mean small? I saw words on the page and I thought how beautiful the option to fill in the emptiness we do not have to sit and just look at an empty page we can fill it worlds and birds and words and fountains and bird baths and forests and people some people not too many people because they leave rubbish everywhere. So why did I become a writer? is like asking me why did I become a man? or why did I become a