Dream #6: The city of felicity

by Christos Polydorou

2017-04-17 16.04.47
After enduring hours of doing what one does not love one finally succumbs to the thing one loves doing; in the same way, a traveler, weary from travel, will inevitably seek a city to quench his thirst or rest her head. This desire will bring the traveler to The city of felicity, where he or she will only see the things that bring him or her intense happiness, and such bliss, so as to remember this city as the city where the most joy ever been experienced, in any bed, not just the death bed. The traveler will see architectural masterpiece museums filled with beautiful contemporary paintings, and find relief in the fact that the art of painting is not dead; the traveler will see the strongest trees, crowded with the most colorful birds; and the traveler will see a street without a single drop of spit on it, because the inhabitants of The city of felicity are too happy to feel the need to spit on the street. The traveler will also notice something else for the first time, especially when conversing with a inhabitant: the increased ability to appropriate his or her emotions into words, a task which, arguably, he or she struggled with in the past. Don’t we all, the stranger responds. To be a stranger is the ultimate act of kindness. Like all other cities of one’s dreams one cannot remain in The city of felicity for too long, because any emotion, even a great one, if laid too long, can get laid on too thick.