Dream #7: Underwater city

by Christos Polydorou

You say, you’ve been here before. You complain of finding sand in your shoes for months, afterwards. But you say, I come here of my own accord; it is like a calling, I can’t ignore, like my pain, or my shame. I deep sea dive, to find the girl I lost in school, in my dreams, which is like a sea I swim silverly in. Goldifing my every underwater stroke, the pull of her, pulling me closer, into the Underwater City, where she lives.

Glass domes.

Oxygen transformations.

The girl.

Wake up! you tell me, calling me, your reader. But I am not just your reader. I read many writers. Not as many as I would like, but many. Wake up, I’ve made you breakfast. It is a Jewish breakfast of bagels and cream cheese and lox.