Dream #10: The city where what was lost is found

by Christos Polydorou

wp-image-1315050106jpg.jpegA traveller begins a journey to discover something that is lacking from the traveller’s life. It does not matter how long it takes, how frustrated the traveller often feels. The traveller must learn to be patient, by definition, because he or she is traipsing the unknown, which includes all the answers to the words when, how, and where.

Once within the time we knew, a man or a woman of meticulous nature who lives in a city much like every other city in the year two thousand and seventeen proceeded to do laundry. He or she decided to remain by the washing machine to read a book. At some point during the end of the washing cycle the reader recalled how when he or she moved in to the house he deemed the sound of the washing machine incredibly annoying, and yet now it was comforting, somehow. Was not the sound of the washing machine still cacophonous? To further worsen matters, the man or woman of meticulous nature observed that one sock out of the ten was missing from the washing machine. This was indeed a mystery because he or she was so meticulous, one would not begin the washing machine unless every sock had its match. And yet, one of the socks, a tube sock, black, with a grey tip and heel, was gone. In that moment, the man or the woman snapped. Had had enough. In the next few days, he or she sold everything, and used the money to travel into the wilderness to look at landscapes of young and old forests, and gorges where falcons hunt for food, and gullies where the water runs clean, sparkling sporadically with the scales of salmon. The traveller is looking for the city where lost socks, lost phones, lost watches, lost scarves, lost hats, lost gloves, etc. end up, and much to his or her surprise, he or she finds it. It is a high heap of socks, phones, watches, scarves, hats, gloves, etc, on an island floating towards a humungous recycling bin. If it was all a dream, then why does the traveller wake up in a warm bed in Acapulco with his lost sock next to him? The other one is in the bag with the other nine pairs. As if he or she would even consider starting this ten dream city journey without them.

NB These -city stories were written for London in light of the Westminster Attack. Thank you for reading.