What ifs

by Christos Polydorou

img_20160805_171435.jpgWe could build on What ifs forever. You could even take a What if to the prom. What if, for example, the apple did not fall on Sir Isaac Newton’s head? In the world before the apple fell on his head there was no gravity, and in the world after the apple fell on his head there was. What if, in the earlier of the two worlds, apples were too embarrassed to bloom? And what if the wind didn’t blow? Would it have mattered if Sir Isaac Newton was not a virgin? It seems truer to note that though things exist in the world which we all experience, unless they are pointed out with a word they might as well not exist. What if there were no writers turning reality this way and that, after having been turned by reality, this way, and that? In the gravitas of art, we are all virgins.