The universe in three drafts

by Christos Polydorou

wpid-img_20151104_082018.jpgDraft one:
Open, the universe.
Deep, and go.

The impenetrable universe.
Adiaperastos and go.

Malakas the universe,
Malakas and go.

The universe mocks me.
I mock the universe and go.
Draft two.
If the universe is open,
I am open too.

If the universe is impenetrable,
I am impenetrable too.

If the universe is a jackass,
I am a jackass too.

If the universe mocks me,
I mock the universe too.

Draft three:
Poor Daphne du Maurier,
out there in Cornwall,

a recluse as her fame increased,
listening to the birds sing,

no one to love her.
Our perseverance is a miracle.