Effortless, and with ease

by Christos Polydorou

A room with a view
until the room and the view
merge to become you
watching the view
from the window
of your room.

The view is the month of May
tilting anew in each cloud bruised
heavy with rain like a soul
weighted with tears and fears
of a June on its way, too soon,
while you’ve been, at best, jejune.

You’ve been too hard on yourself
in each room you’ve ever been in
in every bed you’ve ever lain
you’ve slain
dragons, and centuries
travelled, and all you did was close

your eyes, to live, whilst you
forget. You know only half of what
you do, what you achieve,
by merely being : the balances
you effect
by sleeping

and waking
when you do.
This is where
pride comes from,
like a pride of lions,
wings flapping and claws

through the air,
to come out your hair,
growing faster, and thicker,
each year.