Remembrances of when we were pronouns

by Christos Polydorou

IMG-20150626-WA0001The birds
are the envy of
The cats
are the envy of
The foxes
are the envy of
The rich people
are the envy of

We worry so much
we become prepositions.
Remember when we
were pronouns?
Good times.

Worry is such a feeling,
that it obliterates each other,
worry sublimates the senses
and messes up our past, present,
and future tenses.

Love can only save us now.
But love of a language.
An object, that is actually a subject, rather than a subject, actually an object.
The English language and we we chose each other.
We lived happily ever after.
Chose to love something.

In this climate.

If I ever see the sun again
I promise
I’ll comb her hair so hard.

The English Isles
are the envy of
The Scandinavian Islands
are the envy of
The Russian Arctic islands
The islands of the Aegean,
Of the Mediterranean,

Of the Caribbean.
There we could be pronouns again.
But we remain in our cold, dirty, inhospitable cities.
We play the part of prepositions, whilst there are so many
incredible pronouns to be and nouns to visit.

For example:

The fine artists
are the envy of
The poets
are the envy of
The novelists
are the envy of
The film directors
are the envy of
The rock stars
are the envy of

United we stand
divided we fall.