by Christos Polydorou

2017-03-22 11.57.32
If there was
no God. If there
were no
oceans, no
skies. If there
were no deserts,
-ranges, songs
of love….

If there was
no need

to extract
what was
blindingly right

in what
had been
buried in wrong.
Plastic, pollution,
murder of animals…

I want to set
fire to my loneliness.
I want to set
fire to myself
when I am with naked with
someone else,
and I am so flamboyant
in your apartment. My spine

is developing a mind of its own.
If, in the sea, there are no mermaids,
who there will sing out temptingly to me?  I see,

said each tree,
to every bird made of alabaster,
obeying its master,
as a dancer
at the throes of extremely punctilious laughter. What if

everything boils down to a choice
between the cynical and the romantic voice?
what if all language comes down to regulating one’s tone?
one feat one cannot achieve on one’s own? What if

it should all empty,
the universe of stars?
What, if in a piece of music, we could never hear guitars?
What if, we gave up carbon dioxide emitting cars?

Yesterday by London Victoria (Victoria!)
train station
I spotted two cars being charged
by wires.

I want to set fire to global avarice,
says an environmental consciousness, lurking, at large….
I want to set fire to my wicked sense of humour,
says a heart, in the right place.

One day.