The other side of adversity

by Christos Polydorou

I cannot imagine
a single person
in this world
without adversity
cropping up
cyclically in their life,
forming a wreathe. What is it
in us
that adversity
constantly targets? But
what if we are
looking at adversity
2017-04-22 14.45.17
too emotionally, and within the short-term? when we
ought to be looking at it
intellectually, and in the long-term?
not with escapism,
of fatalism,
but hope,
of realism? what if adversity
were actually a warning, a sign,
guidance? my grandmother (god bless her)

used to say that
beyond our fingertips
start the fingertips
of guardian angel
who are too beautiful
to gaze upon
with a naked eye,
nor would any
naked ear
2017-05-07 16.12.56 (1)
be able to bear
the relentless symphonies of violins
accompanying them on their backs
travelling from some unknown inexhaustible
source: on the one hand holding you back in your past
and on the other pushing you into the future.
By the time you can wrap your mind
around this thing
you have become,
you become
another thing. Once upon a time,
boy meets girl. For a while
they were in love, and then
their love ended. The