by Christos Polydorou

2017-05-10 15.36.46
Words are plentiful,
they arrive from most places.
You can count, words, by the thousands,
and you can count on words.
Their comfort is ever-reaching. Often
some books call for me, from the shelves. Some
things, you can block out. Others,
confound you. The rest,
takes longer than it should. I shall
read myself out of this. Each story,
will be a different emotion. Each emotion,
will be a cycle.Each cycle,
will be connected to a spiral.
Each spiral, will be a way to get to
the moment (colouring within the lines)
by first escaping the moment.
In each moment,
a word shall be used.
Until it does not
have to be
2017-05-10 15.36.28