Guidance in three experiments

by Christos Polydorou

2017-05-10 15.40.20
Experiment 1:

Lead by example,
not by command

and every guiding power will return
to the palm of your hand.

And you will be able to rescue others,
as others have rescued you

from the epoxy and glue
of life.

Experiment 2:
Geniuses often choose to write,
because language.

don’t tell,

take your readers straight to heaven,
don’t drag them through hell.

They go through enough,
in their lives.

Experiment 3:
Distance yourself.
Remain partly unseen.

Reveal a little
of everything

but hide it all.
Give and take.

Big and small.
Shake a globe of stars

until the universe shakes,
breaks, and remakes, our impenetrable lives.
2017-05-10 15.34.04