The Ways

by Christos Polydorou

The three grammatical tenses
are meant to categorise, and not confound,
the five senses. We came into time to create new things,
to add to the contents of the world, which exemplify the world,
not pollute it,
for example,

questions, whom to thoroughly answer, one would have to become.
2017-05-10 15.38.30
The Past.
If I turn around, I begin to see
so many objects
hurling themselves at me
not just mine
but history’s
so I do the only logical thing
and face forward.
2017-05-10 15.37.27
The Present.
Place of possible wisdom, approximate to one’s willingness against the grain.
2017-05-10 15.36.59
The Future.
In the future,  we will all be smothered
by someone younger
who dares ask us
a question
which questions us,
and which most certainly insults us,
but a few hours later,
when the shock of the effrontery
has faded away
then we will realise the question was for our assistance,
to keep us going,
in a future world.
2017-05-10 15.36.07

Honestly, all the tenses are ever-present in a human consciousness
daily colliding with the absurd, the unjust, and often the moronic,
in the ways of the world.

Ah, the ways.

Ways in which to be a gentleman, regardless of whether one
is a woman or a man, within them.