Rose Envy

by Christos Polydorou

2017-05-18 09.23.11
Some truths are beautiful.
Others are so ugly.

Funny thing how we might be talking about the same truth
but two different people seeing the same truth differently.

Leave no stone unturned,
is a beautiful truth.

What it commands may lead you to some
sort of personal wisdom, a spiritual revelation.

Go against the grain until there are no grains left, although
there will always be a grain like a full stop.

When does it end?
It really does not.

Even when you catch a view of the whole joke the
universe has concocted with you as a protagonist.

As you start to go against the grain
of the particular obstacle

of your own destiny
then you may begin to gain some mastery

of the supernatural
and other metaphysical states.

Until then,
watch the beauty of truth, change,

from beautiful, to ugly,
and back again,

and again.