And then I woke up

by Christos Polydorou

2017-05-18 09.23.26 (1)
All I really want
is to be
a great writer…
I want to write
beautiful books
that people fall

in love with
and take the books
to bed with them
and dismantle
and rebuild their beloved beds
around my darling books.

And my books would make the perfect gifts,
and they would save lives with their wisdom,
they would literally bring people off ledges,
because they would make the impossible seem so simple,
it would pull
their heads out of the ovens. Please,

put that rock back down Virginia,
go back home and talk to Leonard
and maybe you can send me a few lines
to add to a poem I am writing about being an author
from the perspective of a poet
who, in his mind, is actually experiencing this as if painting a picture,

a poem about being not just a writer,
but the best writer,

the most celebrated,
since Shakespeare.

Dear, Virginia,
help me?

None of this
is really that impossible.
2017-05-18 09.23.34