by Christos Polydorou

2017-05-14 15.54.29
So interesting, quite
humorous. We could
be fast friends. But I like
the scent of it more.

A friendship, a puddle, a man in heat.
What was needed?
It was replaced.
Where are refunds

available? I’d like the
forty years of my life

back, I’d like to start
over, go back, back in time,

to where it all started
and address the universe

with my
sole concern:

why the same final scene
of me in a room with nothing,
why are the ones I love bleeding
through my fingers,

what do I do when everything
has been done? Laundry

I don’t want to look back,
but you keep turning my head.
I want to go forward,
but I keep tripping.

I can only be half
to blame.
The prunes will
grow on the trees.

Let’s be there
to catch them.
2017-05-14 15.55.25