Taking into consideration a variety of simultaneously experienced coordinates

by Christos Polydorou

2017-05-23 15.00.45Stack on the
facts, like plates

on a waiter.
Even the ones with
cracks, especially those
you thought you’d

save for later.
We were

sincere, therefore
we got through another winter.
Daffodils, narcissi, but now the
roses of May, vivid, vibrant, vital.

Red reaches us
in flights across gardens and rooftops.

Every remaining colour and feather returned back to its
Birds on a wing, or a song gods sing, for the

comes as no surprise, to realise, what was between the lines.

it not been revealed,
without the pretense
of extracting its central enigma?

myself, for the correct question.

How beautiful you look tonight,
have I failed again to mention?

I had to say something, anything,
to break the tension.

You are reaching me,
but you seem to be in another dimension.

This can’t be seen, but exists,
and is apprehended beyond my comprehension.

To not comprehend, but to lose myself in it,
will be the only course for my reinvention.