A boy and a girl

by Christos Polydorou


Girls through this door,
boys through that door,
but you?

You feel like a boy this morning,
and a girl this afternoon.
Do we call you Michael?

Or Michelle?
You cannot decide.
Sweet one,

so little,
yet so talented,
with such a precocious grasp

of the arts!
They heard you sing,
and they wept.

They heard
your personal essays
and they laughed.

You were so entertaining!
and thoughtful!
and insightful!

and all they could care about
was whether you were a boy,
or a girl!

You were both!
Foools! So foolish!
They deserve an extra o!

There is enough love!
to go around!
Little swan!

If you can’t change the picture,
change the frame!

And then,
the frame!