by Christos Polydorou

wp-image-1297123357jpg.jpegCome, my love, il mio amore per il mare,
my love of the sea, we have been swimming too long.
This has been so intimate.
I am daunted by my very own opening inner spaces,
quivering at the edges. We have been swimming

for so long, centuries, in fact, written about in so many poems,
not to be read, only, when circumstances weigh heavily on us,
as though we are a famished Atlas with a world on his shoulders,
wanting it all, everything, now, in this moment, right here, right now.
Come, my love, il mio amore per il mare,

though we are both as magnificent as mermaids,
our skin has pruned, and the salt is making us look sculpturesque.
Let’s swim now,
to that small island,
whose sea around it looks purple.