Apex to apex 1

by Christos Polydorou

2017-06-10 13.47.23 (1)Draft one

At half past three in the morning,
the sky is green, in parts, and I have
also seen the sky a bright pink.
This is pollution.
Our streets are still filled with cars
letting out carbon dioxide
covering our bodies with soot
and making the air we breathe cancerous,
and yet we continue to drive them.
We live in such a devil
may care world now
caution is often thrown to the wind
by so many companies
our lives to them do not matter
that we might get sick one day
eating all the chemicals
added to the food
this is what we know
this is what we have discovered
that we are not loved by those
who are bigger than us
that they are actually predators
and they will devour us
that we are but barnacles
on the stomach of the apex
but we no longer have to do as they do
when we realise what they do.
Free ourselves in the knowledge
that what preys on the apex predator
is other
apex predators.