With one hand you empower me, with the other you obliterate me

by Christos Polydorou

2017-05-10 15.38.47Fortify meaning.
Strengthen your heart with murderousness
so as to protect it,
if it is ever under attack.

It’s all right.
It’s ok.
Your madness, blindness,
and vicious unkindness is justifiable.

Some worst left you,
abandoned you. Poor thing!
Stop the world,

pause all progress,
swirl the whorl into a stage
for you to stand on,

and express your pain.
Let out your rage.
About the problems, with our age.

With your Kardashian bum.
And your pink-blown bubblegum.
You’re the boy with the abs we’ve been dying for.

Your thick, wind-blown, sun-blessed hair is perfectly transparent.
Your leather, actually looks delicious.
You are peaking,

months before another meltdown,
years before you totally disappear
into your living room, drowning resent-lessly into your full screen TV.

Invigorate meaninglessness.
Sharpen your jaws, with brass,
with harsh, brutal cruelty,
and explain

God by his ever-blamed-for
not his actual

So much desire and despair,
so much beauty and pain,
so much love and hate out there,
I could write a book.

2017-05-10 15.37.27