Square One Heart Shaped

by Christos Polydorou


like sun-kissed snow :
To know you,
inside and out :
I want you to be
my new field of study :
To be my new medium,
between infinite spaces.

Such brief courses,
do these gentlethings provide :
Count your graces,
I am alive, and I take

what I am given,
and I give what I can’t back.
I feel so much love,
does it matter?
That I feel more :
than I ought to?

Isn’t it ok,
if I keep it,
to myself?
* * *
as pale
as moon snow:
I wish
to celebrate it:
As the stars
set sail
with your skin’s expanse as their sail:
Your skin cells,
like snow flakes,
each different
than the last.

I am making a
terrible and beautiful
From this
I learn
that to embrace error :
proves oneself wrong :to deface oneself :
to be able to read :
the right proof.