by Christos Polydorou

2017-07-08 18.56.11

I want to build a brand new world for you.
Let me?
I will start from the very beginning,
and I will work very hard on
those tall glass skyscrapers
you so love. All you have to do is allow me.
I’ll make sure there are beautiful parks,
which will fill up with talented,
colourful people on summer days,
like today. July changes everything.
I wish you were here, but you are some

where in Europe, and I don’t know
what city this is, sea shells, sea shores,
she sells sea shells on sea shores…
it doesn’t matter anymore.
All I require is your permission.
Your infinite care.
It would just be so sweet, so tender, of you.

Let me? The world is so heavy, on your back.
You are exhausted Atlas.

Let go.
Step back.

Let me.