Everything Must Be Dared

by Christos Polydorou

20160515_123610.jpgAppears perhaps godlike
to me, a dream, the man opposing you,

Sweetly and marginally listens to your voice –
obeying you…

and your laugher calming us both,
that makes the

heart in my chest a flying animal,
because when I look at you,

even briefly,
I am unable to speak.

When I look at you,
my tongue is rendered thin,

and immediately
flames run under my skin,

my eyes cannot see anything,
my ears are buzzing…

a cold sweat comes over me,
trembling seizes me all over,

I am paler
than grass, and I

seem nearly
to have died. But

Everything must be dared,
Everything must be endured,

even a poor man,

at the end of his day,
is pure.

NB a gentle reworking of Sappho`s poem known as Sappho 31, of which only a fragment survives, without an ending.