There is to, and from; let’s hold on to the to

by Christos Polydorou

IMG-20170721-WA0002If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. You may choose to change your diet to a more universally agreed upon Mediterranean diet. You may choose to drive a Hybrid. You may choose to plant trees, and let them do their genius work of absorbing a lot of the carbon monoxide in the air we love to pollute and then complain it’s so hard to breathe, brother. You may choose to move to another country. You may choose to fall in love someone you are not supposed to be in love with kind of like dropping a Mentos Heart in a glass of Diet Coke Love. You may choose to stick a middle finger up to Capitalism, you may choose to ignore most human social ritual as a lie. Finally, you may choose to be a swimmer within yourself, not a rock. Choose something.
But you have to do it fast.