When a poem is more

by Christos Polydorou

Some of us actually see art
and the making of it as ser
ious business. What are you
implying? Often we get the
sense with your playfulness
of what a poem is that you
are blasphemous. I am app
roaching poetry through the
techniques of painting and
painting through the tech
niques of poetry. Once a pi
caro, always a picaro. I’d like
to change myself, become ano
ther person. Go with that. Eve
r since I was a little butterfly
dancing in the golden wheat
fields of Cyprus I felt under
my skin often another person
buried, trying to get out. This
person is today living his life
as an artist through me, making
marks, some powered by rage,
others by love, most by an unusual
sense of peace, because this is
still a real world, as surreal as it is.
A writer is a doubling, using the
life of typically a common man,
as host. Where does this leave us?