The mighty pen

by Christos Polydorou

The art of losing isn’t hard to master.
One Art, Elizabeth Bishop.

The art of writing:
Can it be taught any faster?
It is, like the invisible,
Attempting to master…

The art of writing…
Can it make me richer, faster?
A children’s book, a TV box set,
critically claimed, a commercial success….

Could all this please happen, faster?
Could I live in LA, forever after?
Naomi Watts across the fence…
Would that be such a disaster?

The art of writing, I’ve been attempting,
for years, to master.
If I was finally successful,
would that really break the mould,

destroy the plaster?
If not, will I harden, into alabaster?
As it happens to everyone, but will it be
especially painful, because I am a writer?

I hope I do not have to wait,
for ever after.
I will be well behaved, be kind,
read many things, and come at writing,

with laughter. The art of writing,
I am only attempting, to master.