Contrasting primary colours

by Christos Polydorou

egonGreat music is playing /
Dance the chicken dance /
the raven dance /
a swan song /

Great music is still playing /
Dance an old dance /
a new dance /
a sad / a celebratory dance /

Great music will always be playing /
The body leaps out of a painting /
where it was stuck for years /
and shakes itself /

Great music playing /
Great music plays /
Great music /
Great /

Body comes undone /
as if of water /
braced by a storm /
and struck by lightning /

all its outlines split /
now into contrasting primary colours /
elongate / like the figures in Egon Schiele paintings/]

Sky and / sea / con-

[Egon Shiele was a protégé of Gustav Klimt, also Austrian]

nected by thu/n/der/bolts/

Great /
Great music /
Great music plays /
Great music playing.