What happens when I encounter Sleeping Beauty on a very rainy Wednesday afternoon

by Christos Polydorou


Sleeping Beauty,
for another one hundred years,
because if you wake up you’ll be in tears…

as the prince is actually a dominating bear with too much body hair,
with leather, dildos, and connected hoops hanging in his closet,
and a whip for what he calls ‘your booty’,
so stay asleep Sleeping Beauty

because soon your face will be on Tinder,
and it will then be late to hinder
the cataclysmic cynicism, the utter loss of hope,
all, burnt to a cinder,
because the prince is actually a pig in a Gucci suit.

Ignore the desire to leap,
stay asleep.
Your duty is now to snooze,
to stay on cloud nine,
floating among the stars in a catsuit,
dreaming of a man actually worth your time.

Sleeping Beauty
You are so beautiful,
and your hair.
Would you mind,

if I brushed your hair?