The beauty of a person is (eccentric)

by Christos Polydorou

You may decide to trust a charming man, because you are bored. But make sure you charm him back, because he is so easily distracted. A charming man could be spending his time tweeting or reading Zadie Smith novels or listening to the musical stylings of Beth Ditto instead.  The game of love could be won if one sits on a park bench and waits for summer. But imagine the patience unnecessary. The endurance. The beauty of a person is striking The brush stroke of Being at the exact point when knowing one’s self worth and humility coalesce.  We live in a world inhabited and consumed by rhythm and music. How any of us thought we could find liberation through meaning I don’t know.  One’s so-called random moments, quirky impulses and eccentric past times glue more and are truer to the odd and oblique pattern of universe.  No need to stress. Identity is merely a preconditioned social artifice designed to enslave you. Think not what I am, but what I do. Then:
Lose yourself in art.