Multifoliate, Rerose

20180909_181251How beautiful the flowers
How beautiful the stems of the flowers
And the leaves on the stems
How beautiful of course and the petals
And the seeds inside the flower
How beautiful the bed in which the flowers live
How beautiful the flowers in the bed in which beauty lives
How beautiful beauty is if we get to see it
How the flowers became so beautiful
How we can learn from flowers
And imitate their nature
And become more flowerpeople
Who they wouldn’t dare call hippies
How the word the is beautiful
And the flowers which decorate sentences
From the word the to full stop
All are so very beautiful
So write words
Write them in harmony
one after the other
One flowing
into the next
Each body of water
More miraculous than the last
And let words open up for you
the path of your own salvation
Your own return to the land of the living
Closer and closer
To the beauty of love.


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