About me (Seeking Literary Representation)

My name is Christos Polydorou.

I’ve lived in Nicosia, Cyprus, Chicago, Illinois, Long Island City, New York, and now I live in London.

I have studied Fine Arts, Literature, Creative Writing and the English Language.

I have completed MFA work in fiction but I focus on poetry.

I am a reader, a writer, and an artist.

Contact me: eatartdaily@gmail.com

Currently seeking literary representation for the publication of poetry, short stories, fiction.

Feel free to go through the material here as I am open to publishing it in bookform. Naturally any work liked will be extracted from the webpage.

I’ve self published a collection of poetry called Brainsex which you can find on amazon. And also a short story called Yorn which can be found at the Nicosia Public Library. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in copies of these works.

Thank you for supporting my work here at EatArtDaily.
You give me a sugarcube and I make a wedding cake.

With Love,
Christos Polydorou.


PS If you feel the work I do here has helped you in any positive way, please help me in a positive way, by making a contribution to my PayPal with the email christosandreaspolydorou@gmail.com, and you will get a poem with your name as the title, and a beautiful honorable mention.