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Clever, darling

2017-06-21 17.56.50

Deep purple door, dear.


Now, we know.
We did not know,
The secret.
Now, we know it,
and as a result also the future
has changed.

Fabulous, darling

2017-06-21 17.55.20

2017-06-21 17.55.37

Belle Story

2017-06-21 17.56.00

Summer Solstice

2017-06-21 14.45.53

I never resisted

16650184_10154559799069563_1657588759_nI loved you,
and you pushed me through the door,
in the summer fucking rain.

My love of the sea,
you left me in a world,
full of broken homes.

You left me,
but you left the light on,
so I picked myself

up off the floor,
faced the light,
and danced with it.

I put daffodils
between myself
and the light source

and the flowers
cast upon me, blackly,

against a living
and breathing

As I
and read.

I worry,
but I dance.
And I hope.

You are gone,
but I can sometimes still feel you,
like you are tugging on a rope.

A Instant How-To-Do-List On Some (Contemporary) Spiritual Liberation

  • 1A6D45EA-B322-4250-BF53-FAD80E5589CAAssistance on how to proceed in life is generally provided by the universe, provided you take the time to ask, wait, and separate the response from the confusion, like sifting gold. It is a give and take, a tug of peace, this path to personal and artistic enlightenment.
    In simpler, and yet equally spiritual, terms:
    Everybody form a circle
    Put your left foot in
    Your left foot out
    Your left foot in
    And shake it all about
    You do the hokey pokey
    And turn yourself around
    That’s what it’s all about.

Do you really wanna hurt me?

To sublimate, bad.
Sublime, good.

There is nothing logical about it.

We hate it when our friends become successful

Fair artist,
forget the mass,
focus on the muse.

To bring him to life.
Answer your inner voice,
as loud as you can.

The battle that ended and ended the war

2017-05-26 13.17.23 (1)Write beautifully
Do not stop
For when you write
It melts, the clock

Like in a painting
by Salvador Dali
I wish to forever hold gold,
The gold, of the valley

I thought I would find happiness
but never actually see it,
a flight of sparrows,
live and profound entertainment,

all evening.
Now the night
is cooling the skin
back to the bone.