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At the heart
of our brilliance,
our genius, our
thoughts, fears,
blind confidences,
debilitating self doubt
and bouts of
self destruction,
is a fractal
of emotion, and
within that
fractal of emotion
is a child,
who is your inner child,
whom you were,
as a child:
if that child
is traumatised
in any way,
he or she will carry
that trauma
forever like the rose
the prince kept in Saint-Exupéry.
life begins when we show
that rose
that we can turn it
into an extravagant
rose garden,
worthy of a you queen.

Clade: an eBook

Dear all

I am proud to present to you a collection of short stories that I just published on Amazon. I sincerely hope you add it to your collection of books, and if you come back to me with any feedback, well that would be just grand, and I might even draw you a personalised picture.

Thank you so much for your love and care and your readership, which means the world to me.

With kind regards
Christos Polydorou

Mannequin Souls

mannequisnWhen we met
our souls rose.
Our souls rose
when we met.

The ground
beneath our feet opened.
The ground
beneath our feet opened
and there was a water there,
as if an ice lake
had been cracked open.

Under the ice
there were two swimmers,
two swimmers, we had one each,
although had is used,
in its broadest
sense here:

The swimmers were like
watery mannequins. They were like
watery mannequins, and they fit each
other, perfectly. An original figure,
the origin of the figure,
throwing itself off the page of stars
to inhabit and often replicate modern life.

Did each soul go into the corresponding body?
Although this is how it generally works,
there is an exception with bodies in love.
With bodies in love, there is an exception:

Your soul in my body.
My soul in yours.

No more low key,
hiding behind our pinky fingers.
Somehow both allies
and enemies of time now.

See time roaring towards us now
like an avalanche.
Some things you cannot forget,
some things shape memory,


Soul Case

20170816_123345Art remains.
Prometheus in chains.

Who gave us the gift of fire.
Daily an eagle

ate the liver of the Titan.
Archeological remainder.

Zeus was enraged
because he gave the stupid

humans a tool of war. The names
of several painters residuum.

Zeus cursed Prometheus
by chaining him to a rock.

The remains of the war,
Debt, for example,

the debt created to pay
for the first world war

was paid
for by the second world war.

When the atom was split Prometheus
(amongst many other gods) were reborn

as humans,
characterised by their natural physical beauty,

their innate uncanny talent,
their energy and imagination,

but also, a type of kryptonite:
a self-imposed sabotage so silly it alarmed them to spell it out.


NB Model, a little later

I wore a beautiful red dress to the opening. People stood around the picture of me and I stood with them. We stared for a few minutes and then we went on with our lives.




All is more or less fair and evened out, art history

You say
you love my eyelashes
and my lips
and my breasts
and my cunt

you say
you love my hair
and my nose
and my elbows
and my ass

you say
you love my teeth
my cheekbones
my ears
my deep-throat

you say
you love my fuck
you love my ride
you love my youth
and my apathy and my serenity

I may be only 23
old artist
but I wish you would
inside me,
where my treasure is.

Artist reveals picture to young beautiful model, and where the heart is is a hole and in the hole there is a treasure chest spilling over the edges, the coins turning into cracking golden eggs as they fall to the floor around her.

Artist, Model, Model, Artist

I hope you are
(still) ok

I mean


and not

like dairy,
And even though this
is all happening
so suddenly,

here (art studio)
for hours,
you say,

(tubes in all state
of fullness and emptiness
scattered across
the great table
brushes of all sizes
he’s been collecting
instruments of grace
for years)

all I wanted
was to pull 
the mask 
off the face
of nature
and stand naked
before the naked
universe, and you
transformed me.

Human figures are the ones making the art

Why has
the human figure
figured so prominently
in Western Art?