Nullified by love

by Christos Polydorou

2017-03-18 10.10.24
Beings are being
born, constantly,
beginning their
to becoming.

Moments are
and you and I,
you a writer,
I a reader,

on either
of a page,
to each our
own perhaps cage

to which we
hold the key.
One of us has to be
more sensitive

than the other,
it is
supposed, for the
chain to keep
flowing, throwing itself

outward, a
rattle, the
sound of rain,
foxes mating
at dawn,

lawns covered
with ravens,

And branches covered
with chickadees,

their morning song.

Beings are being born,
beginning their journeys,

to becoming. They begin
in company, and then end up

in loneliness,
and then
in company,
and then
again in loneliness,

Until we discover
that the meaning of life
is sacrifice, who or what
you choose to sacrifice

yourself for, because you
cannot be anyone
or anything unless
you are nullified by love.