Travelling Mountain

by Christos Polydorou

travelling mountainOpen your eyes.
Make a deal.
You’ve been given.

Run down the street.
Where it is always raining.
You’ve been forgiven.

Have no hate in your heart,
hate is lethal,
by extension also to what

might be coming to you.
See, and feel the feeling in seeing.
Seeing is a feeling,

and you and I are human.
Make a deal.
Some sacrifice might be necessary.

To receive, you have to give up.
To absolve the world, the world to absolve you.
And therefore your relationship

not to mention your shifting proximity
to the gods stars heavens
constellations parallel universes alien nations.

Abandon your hate, darling.
Isn’t you anger hunger?
Time to climb the mountain now.

This mountain that travelled so far.
To reach you.