Mermaids for you

by Christos Polydorou

wp-image-1692737915jpg.jpegMy heart is a catamaran at a violent sea,
since my love left me,
for the other side.

I write to stay alive,
never hiding,
publicly displaying my pain,

at losing you,
again and again,
because your abandonment

is such a rich topic,
it gives,

and gives,
and gives.
Every night,

I wait for everything to stop moving,
the world to stop revolving,
wait for everything

to glimmer,
upon the darkness,
like fingers of light, dancing,

to some secret code,
that sets our hearts
back to the beginnings

when they knew nothing
no memory
not so much as a single scar.

Then the catamaran returns.
All the sailors are safe.
And they even brought back a couple of mermaids.